Destination Photographer

Destination Photographer

Hi I’m Heleen and I have an amazing passion I’d love to tell you more about. My great love is photography and I love to travel the world too capturing beautiful images along the way. I love to meet new people and spend the time to really get to know them and their city. My dream? Meet amazing, beautiful, wonderful people all over the world and capturing their love with images that last.

Are you:

A loving couple or amazing family and do you want an awesome photography session? Yes? Then I’d love to meet you! I’m a professional Photographer – Beloved/Moment Design certified – Teacher – from The Netherlands and I’m specialized in Weddings and Family Portraits. My Moment Design photography sessions are really unique. I make them a lot of fun and families especially enjoy them. If you want something special on your wall, a gift for your parents, this is the time to book this unforgettable session.

I love to travel as an Destination Photographer and and I’d really, really love to meet you too! What about an awesome Moment Design session for you and your loved ones on a location near you? Let’s get to know each other. Let’s meet!

When and where?

I am happy to say I am offering these sessions for just travel expenses because the experience and fulfilling my dream will be the most rewarding. And I want you to experience Moment Design! Email me for more info and to save your spot or share this page if you know someone who needs this experience!


What is included?

♡ A Skype meeting to tell you more about Moment Design, the session and to get to know you a bit.

♡ A special photo session near you with your loved ones with unique techniques.

♡ A special slideshow with music of your session with at least 40 pictures of those special moments.

♡ This amazing and unique gift to yourself.

♡ For additional costs you can get the digital files that can be used for prints, for special gifts for everyone special (parents, grandparents etc) or an album.

♡ An new friendship with this Dutch lady and a new memory full of fun, love and hapiness.

♡ All with no obligation to buy! Moment Design is a new genre within Portrait Photography. It’s a special technique for capturing pure and authentic emotions, no ‘cheesy smilies’.

For more info take a look at this website. Hope to meet you soon!

If you are interested in a shoot (Wedding-, Family- or Engagement Shoot) in a capital of Europe I’m more than interested. My dream is to visit all 48 capitals. If you book a shoot in a city I haven’t been to you get an extra bonus from me. 😉 Love to tell you more about that!


This is the list of capitals that are on my wish list:

  1. Albania – Tirana
  2. Andorra – Andorra la Vella
  3. Azerbaijan – Baku
  4. Belgium – Brussels (2015) ✔️
  5. Bosnia Herzegovina – Sarajevo (1983)✔️
  6. Bulgaria – Sofia
  7. Denmark – Copenhagen (2013)✔️
  8. Germany – Berlin (2016) ✔️
  9. Estonia – Tallinn
  10. Finland – Helsinki
  11. France – Paris (2015)✔️
  12. Georgia – Tbilisi
  13. Greece – Athens 
  14. Hongary – Budapest (2017)✔️
  15. Ireland – Dublin (2016)✔️
  16. Iceland – Reykjavik (2016)✔️
  17. Italy – Rome (1983)✔️
  18. Kazakhstan – Astana
  19. Croatia – Zagreb
  20. Latvia – Riga (2016)✔️
  21. Liechtenstein – Vaduz
  22. Lithuania – Vilnius
  23. Luxembourg – Luxembourg (City)
  24. Macedonia – Skopje
  25. Malta – Valletta (1995)✔️
  26. Moldavia – Chisinau
  27. Monaco – Monaco
  28. Montenegro – Podgorica
  29. The Netherlands – Amsterdam✔️
  30. Norway – Oslo (2015)✔️
  31. Ukraine – Kiev
  32. Austria – Vienna
  33. Poland – Warschau
  34. Portugal – Lisbon(2017)✔️
  35. Romenia – Bucharest
  36. Russia – Moscow
  37. San Marino – San Marino città
  38. Serbia – Belgrade
  39. Slovenia – Ljubljana
  40. Slovakia – Bratislava
  41. Spain – Madrid
  42. Czech Republic – Prague
  43. Turkey – Ankara
  44. Vatican City
  45. United Kingdom – London (1995)✔️
  46. Belarus – Minsk
  47. Sweden – Stockholm (2015-2016)✔️
  48. Switserland – Bern